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Easy step-by-step process – with continual consultation and feedback


Building or renovating with confidence – your home is our priority

Ultimate Buildings is focused on exceeding our client expectations when building or renovating their homes. Proprietor, Michael O’Kelly oversees and manages every building project and is supported by an established team of skilled registered builders, qualified foremen and dedicated carpenters and labourers with years of experience.

Michael will be your Project Manager and your main point of contact from initial meetings, for every meeting on and off site, working with suppliers and contractors, to hand-over at completion of the project and through the entire warranty period for the building work completed under the contract.

We are committed to building homes of excellence, completed within the timeline agreed to, with attention to quality and details and delivered on the due date and at the due cost.


Specialist Services for ALL our Clients – adding value to your home

In addition to providing excellent building services, our team provides other services to all our clients to make sure every home’s potential is reached. It is through our building expertise and experience that we are able to provide benefits to our clients, such as:

  suggestions of where your design and functional goals can be met with minor changes that
    could provide you with major savings
  advice on appropriate building and construction materials and suppliers of building products
    and services including surveyors, engineers, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, flooring
    specialists, pool builders, landscape architects, etc
  initial electrical planning for your home saving you time and money rather than you having to
    engage an electrical consultant.